The Artwork of Antonin Manto-Mrnka sits on the border between functional and fine art. The birth of Manto’s cast-iron, glass, porcelain, and ceramic art pieces is inspired by the power of the basic element of fire. Each piece is created individually and is therefore unique. Artist Antonin Manto-Mrnka lives and works in Tuchomerice, on the outskirts of Prague and it is here that he presents his work in an exciting and intensely personal format called „The Living Gallery“, which allows visitors to experience and interact with his artwork in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Furthermore, Manto’s artwork can also be seen in numerous galleries and private collections in residences throughout Europe, the USA, Australia, and Asia. Manto has presented his artwork in over 40 personal and group exhibitions.

Antonin Manto-Mrnka has also created numerous public installations and customised items including: Cast iron benches and fountain for a park in the city of Liberec, CZ; Wall mosaic for the International School of Prague and Porcelain sets for the Four Seasons Hotels in both Prague and Budapest.