Antonin Manto Mrnka’s Artwork

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Iron Iron: These caste iron drawings are born by the hand of Manto working in a historic 19th century foundry. By welding these drawings together Manto is able to transform these drawings into three dimensional pieces of art.
Porcelain Porcelain: From dining sets to custom creations as limited edition gifts, Manto’s Porcelain is made using the highest quality material and processes. Art and functionality at it’s finest. Created in one of the oldest porcelain factories in Europe, Manto’s Porcelain is not only beautiful but is also dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.
Glass Glass: Beautiful glass vessels supported by elaborate wrought iron structures, glass tables combined with iron and oak, glass fountains for use indoors and out, and handmade glass goblets.
Combo Multi-Material: This slide show features images of Manto’s artwork that contains more than one of the following materials: Iron, Porcelain, Glass, Ceramic, and Wood.
Process Process Pictures of Manto in the process of creating his amazing artwork.
Special Projects Special Projects: Manto also creates artwork for companies, public places, and special events.
Special Projects 10,000 Year Old Wood: Through a magnificent discovery of ten thousand year old wood Manto is able to create items who’s storys are as amazing at their beauty.
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